Lombok Villas For Sale

Lombok Villas For Sale

Selong Belanak

Tropik Design 1 bedroom Villa. Our latest design is a unique concept in tropical living. With the flick of a switch the spacious undercover living area transforms into outdoor living to capture the magic of the fresh morning sea breezes and the late afternoon sunsets. All villas have a private swimming pool and/or a jacuzzi.

Lombok Villas For Sale

Selong Belanak

Tropik Design 2 bedroom Villa. We have both modern and traditional design or you might like a combination of both including hard wood doors and window frames throughout, high pitched roof, gazebo and lush tropical gardens. All villas have the option of a private swimming pool and or jacuzzi,

Selong Belanak

Tropik Design 3 bedroom Villa. Our spacious 3 bedroom villa on a double sized plot features two gazebo’s one for eating and one for relaxing and a large kitchen / dining / living area to accommodate a large family or two families.

Lombok Villas for Sale

Lombok Villas for Sale - a Luxury Lifestyle

Looking for Lombok villas for sale online! You are in the right place. We are a leading company dealing with real estate in Bali. We ensure the best deal. We offer excellent services that are beneficial to you. We ensure that you are in a safe place and you will find exactly what you are seeking. We have the best-committed team that will explain the entire process that we develop for you. No matter what kind of villa you want to buy, you can contact us online or just give us a call without any hesitation. Our expert sales team will help you to make your dream come true.

Exquisite Lombok villas for sale online

Lombok is hugely known as one of the best tropical islands for a holiday destination. It invites thousands of locals and worldwide tourists every year. Lombok offers several luxurious private villas scattered around the island. You can find your private Lombok villas for sale as a means of accommodation according to your budget. From black sand to immaculate white sands or coral lagoons to limestone sea sides, you can find all sorts of beaches to explore in this region. In order to explore and enjoy the natural, stunning splendor of beaches in Lombok, you need to buy beachfront villas which are a smart decision. You can rent it or again sell it or just stay in it.

Why do you invest in a Lombok Villa?

These private villas are specially designed to meet the demands and expectations of holidaymakers. You can find villas bought by tourists who want to settle down in Lombok. But offering as a rental option to holidaymakers can generate money. Lots of investors build Bali villas for lease purposes or supporting facilities for holidaymaker accommodation. Lombok villas for sale as your own property is worth investing in and also, you can enjoy it anytime for the rest of your life. Land and Villas are undoubtedly the best option for profitable investment. And owning a villa in Lombok is surely a good investment. With a perfect combination of remarkable natural beauty on every side, Lombok offers all the facilities for the property industry to flourish and make a continuous profit. Villas in Lombok are for different purposes. Experience the imposing sight of the ocean, hills, or lush green surroundings. All our villas are designed with the highest specifications and the best materials for durability. As an owner, you just need to perform maintenance to keep your property sparkling and comfortable. It can be a great source of income. When booking your villa, we provide notary and lawyer assistance that will ensure a smooth and hassle-free ownership transition.

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