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Tanjung Marapu in East Sumba offers investors a unique and exciting opportunity which is difficult to be found elsewhere. Firstly, the land area surrounding the beach is very large, around 600 hectares in total. This includes 3.5 kilometres of pristine white sand beach, 100 hectares plus of the gently sloping hill behind the beach which is ideal for ocean view property development and a large flat section at the top which would suit a golf course and shopping, similar to that in Nusa Dua, Bali.

Secondly, Waingapu airport is located only 40 minutes drive to the south and you can get daily flights to and from Bali.

Thirdly, the area is free from development. Only recently have built a road accessing the beach. This provides the opportunity to develop high-end property without the spoil of lower to middle-end tourism development

Together with the factors below you, East Sumba is perhaps the most exciting property investment currently available in Indonesia

East Sumba Information

The Province of East Sumba has some strong social/political/religious considerations in favour of maintaining a peaceful environment and free from issues that can sometimes hamper tourism development :

East Sumba is a kingdom presided over by a King who is the Seller of this land. The kingdom and the government work in harmony to ensure political and social stability and security of tenure of land title

There is no domination of one particular religion. Rather a mix of mainly Christian, Hindu, Muslim and the local religion, Marapu, who together live in a tolerant and peaceful harmony

Close Proximity to Komodo Islands

Tanjung Marapau is located about 90 km from the Komodo Island group of islands. Their islands have a reputation of being amongst the most beautiful in the world with crystal clear water, superb diving and snorkelling and spectacular island topography

Labuan Bajo, on the western tip of Flores, is known as the gateway to the Komodo Islands and is targeted as one of 5 destinations that the Indonesian government is promoting heavily for tourism development

However, there has been a lot of high profile Jakarta power brokers investing in Labuan Bajo and as result prices are already expensive and the type of development is not in harmony with the environment and surroundings

Tanjung Marapau will be more of an environment that lends itself to tourists staying a few days there and a few days exploring the Komodo Islands

Green Development Plan

  1. Secure a large area to make it viable to do a large scale green development plan, approximately 100 - 200 hectares
  2. Do a Green Master Plan for that area highlighting the benefits not only for the tourism project but also for the local people
  3. With the aid of the local government, attract investment for eco-friendly, sustainable green energy and infrastructure according to Master Plan
  4. Using the Master Plan and green infrastructure as the basis for tourism development, attract investment from the tourism sector who are committed to provided eco-friendly tourism
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