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After 20 years servicing Bali, Phuket and Lombok, Villas and Land is now focusing all resources on the south coast of Lombok, primarily the Selong Belanak beach area (including Serangan, Torok Aik Belik, Tampah and Mawun beaches) as we believe this is where the best land and property investment potential is over the next 10 years.

Not only has this coast line got 'Tourism Destination' written all over it, the development of Mandalika, with its 5 star hotels, golf course, MotoGP track, water park and loads of recreation space will give this stunning white sand beach coast the facilities that are needed to provide an idyllic lifestyle environment for families and retirees to 'live the dream'.

Villas and Land is expanding it's land portfolio to include the island of Sumba in NTT (East Indonesia), specifically a large area of pristine white sand beach with gently sloping hill behind and a flat section on top. In total around 600 hectares. This area is close to the famous Komodo Island and is easily accessible to Waingapu Airport where there are daily flights to and from Bali. Click on the Sumba Land link on the Home Page to find out more details

Villas and Land Lombok's expertise is primarily focused on :

1. Villa Lifestyle Investment
- assisting our customers through the processes involved in purchasing land, building a holiday rent villa that you can also enjoy for your holidays, getting a healthy rental return and selling the property in the future for an excellent capital gain as the value significantly increases over the course the area's development. We have worked with many people from all around the world over the past 20 years and all have reaped the benefits of such a savvy lifestyle investment.

2. Development Land
- we have assisted many investors looking for large size land for resort and project development and sub division.

Villas and Land has the expertise, track record and connections to assist you through every stage of these endeavors and make your investment not just a profitable one but an enjoyable one.

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